Jonathan Swain

Senior News Correspondent, Good Morning Britain, ITV Breakfast Television Ltd.

Jonathan Swain is a Senior News Correspondent for Good Morning Britain on ITV. For 20 years he has travelled the globe reporting on everything from war zones to world cups. He is the correspondent who famously challenged Prime ;Minister Boris Johnson when the PM ended up hiding in a fridge.

Jonathan is an entertaining and quick-witted correspondent who has had a front-seat at some of the biggest news stories and is often having to think on his feet during the lively ITV breakfast programme.

He was in Iraq in 2003 to witness the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and was with British troops during the conflict in Afghanistan. In his early career he has been undercover with gangs to produce special reports and has pursued his own investigations around Europe and Africa following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

There have been many adventures to America, not just the whirlwind that is President Trump, but covering natural disasters such as standing in the eye of the storm during Hurricane Irma.

Jonathan was one of the first correspondents to discover and broadcast live as migrants crossed the English Channel in small dinghies which sparked international news coverage.

With a keen interest in sport, he has spent a lot of time at close-quarters with international football and rugby teams at various tournaments and world cups where he has formed good bonds with some of the players.






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