Ben Wright

Ben has been a political correspondent for the BBC since 2008, and appears regularly on the BBC News at 6 and News at 10, as well as Radio 4 programmes such as Today and the World at One.

Ben was appointed Chief Political Correspondent for Radio 4 in 2012 before moving to Washing-ton. He works extensively covering a variety of primarily political stories from around the world which affect British politics. Amongst many, he has covered the general election, budgets, Presidential vis-its, Prime Ministerial trips and the expenses scandal.

Ben also sometimes presents 'The World This Weekend' and 'PM' on Radio 4 and has reported from India, Afghanistan, the United States and Europe. Ben was based in Brussels during David Cameron's EU negotiations and is a specialist on Brexit.


In his spare time, Ben has written a book called 'Order! Order! The Rise and Fall of Political Drinking' focusing on the changing drinking habits of politicians in Westminster and beyond. Tatler magazine chose it as a book of 2016 and the subject makes for a very entertaining talk!





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