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To have the opportunity of spending an hour in the company of sporting legend Martina Navratilova is a privilege that our conference delegates will never forget.

Advantage Travel

Mary Greenham is professional, efficient and we enjoyed working with her. She helped us secure Julie Etchingham as the host of our event, who received a lot of positive feedback. Mary has a great understanding of the corporate industry and she ensured all aspects of the booking process went smoothly. Her dedication and excellent crisis management skills make her stand out in the world of corporate agencies.

Iona Smith, Environment Media Group

We collaborated with Newspresenters LTD to secure a high-profile speaker for one of our events. The session was an big success and I am very pleased with Mary Greenham's professional way of working with us.

Björn Wigforss, Global Events Director, Nokia

Martina was absolutely fabulous. Her speech was a true gift for the Fabric Care organization: inspiring both at personal but also professional levels.
The feedback of the entire audience came very positive.

Hence we can only warmly recommend Martina as star guest speaker!

September 2013

Mathilde Sinniger
ABM Lenor Franchise

We have used Mary Greenham's services for the last two years to provide presenters for our annual awards dinner and I found her to be quick, professional and efficient. Mary was very helpful and understood our requirements and gave us useful options to consider. She certainly knows what she is doing and I'd recommend her services to anyone seeking a guest speaker or presenter.
Andy Walker, Association for Consultancy and Engineering

We booked Martina Navratilova recently to speak at an internal event and she was an inspirational and engaging speaker. Martina has been through many incredible life experiences and through these she is able to connect with and inspire so many different people from a variety of backgrounds. She was very natural and approachable and able to engage with staff at all levels. She injected the very serious topic of diversity with humour, as well as making it commercially relevant. She was receptive to our business messages and ensured these were covered during her speech. Mary works very well under pressure and never fails to have a sense of humour, which helps to alleviate the very tense moments that are unavoidable when organizing an event at this level. There are numerous issues to consider for an event of this size and Mary competently covered every single issue. Nothing was missed. Not only does Mary ensure that the basics are covered she also goes that extra mile to ensure the event is completely personalised to the organisation. Throughout the preparation stages and during the event itself she was confident and very much in control, proving to be a calming force for our team. Overall, a real pleasure to deal with, extremely affable and someone who gets a job done extremely well.
Tara Palmer, Head of Employment, Societe Generale

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